Our main asset at Moonvalley Capital are our team, culture and commitment.

At Moonvalley Capital we look for people who are self-motivated, have a strong personal growth driver and believe that success comes from making a difference when serving our Clients. In addition, candidates should have strong academic formation, creativity and ambition. We are interested in candidates with experience in corporate finance, investment banking or private equity in Latin America.


Role Description:

Manage client relationships from source to close, develop financial strategies for key stakeholders and business challenges. Source corporate finance and asset management opportunities in a fast- paced environment. Carry out strategic research which allows for a comprehensive understanding of financial markets and diverse industries.

Key functions:

•  Manage the company’s assets and funds
•  Source corporate finance and asset management and private equity opportunities
•  Execute said opportunities
•  Lead a team of analysts
•  Negotiating with clients and other stakeholders
•  Carry out strategic research


Role Description:

Work directly with clients in all parts of the transaction process. Develop and execute financial strategy plans for clients and stakeholders. Direct interaction with senior executives and exposure to a wide range of industries and opportunities.

Key functions:

• Manage Moonvalley capital’s assets strategically.
• Analyse and support the financial management of the company with information and research that eases decision making.
• Build and develop financial models.
• Support in the execution Corporate Finance and Asset Management and Private Equity Opportunities
• Negotiating with clients and other stakeholders
• Carry out Strategic research to support the team


If you are a passionate candidate with leadership potential, teamwork skills, strong analytical and problem - solving competencies, commitment and resilience, submit your CV.

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